Two Badgers Teams
We have two equally skilled Badgers teams with players ranging in age from 11 to 16
Competitive fun
First and foremost Badgers hockey is fun - it's designed to build confidence and skills in a competitive envirobment
Mixed boys and girls teams
Our Badgers teams are mixed boys and girls. Hockey is perfect for mixed sport and they encourage each other to get better
Clubhouse socialising
After every match we go with the opposition team for post-match teas and vote for our Player of the Match


We have a thriving Junior section for young players aged from 5 to 16 who progress through the Cubs (age 5+) to Juniors (aged 8 to 12) and onto the Badgers (from 11 to 16) as their skills progress. 

All of our Junior sides allow our young players to develop their hockey skills in a friendly supportive environment against other similarly skilled players. When they’re ready they move up through the Juniors and eventually into the Senior teams.

Our Badgers

One Badgers Squad

This season rather than having separate Red and White teams we’re going to treat our Badgers as one overall squad. We’ll ask for availability and select teams each week depending on who’s available and the opposition. We’ll aim to balance the teams up accordingly and ensure that everyone plays a mix of home and away matches. For playing reasons we’ll almost certainly have the core of two teams but these will flex each week as needs arise. 

With one Badgers squad we’ll also further encourage a sense of being an Evesham & Badsey player rather than a ‘Red’ or a ‘White’ – we’re all one Club!

Badgers Management

Mark Watts-Jones manages the Badgers squad and selects the teams each week in consultation with our coaches. As there’s only one of me I’ll ask for some parental help with the team who I’m not with. If you’d like to volunteer please let me know but if not don’t worry I’ve got my eye on a few likely candidates 

Communication – availability and team selection

We’ll use the WhatsApp group ‘E&BHC Badgers parents’ as our primary means of communication – to get your availability, advise of team selection, results and occasional chatter. 

Badgers Teams 

‘Badgers Whites’ and ‘Badgers Red’ WhatsApp groups have been retired. 

Availability and Team Selection

Each week on the Sunday before the following weeks match on Saturday I’ll ask everyone for your availability and advise the times and locations of both matches. Please advise whether you can play. If you can play home but not away or vice versa please just let us know. If you have any special requests please just let us know. I’ll advise the team selection as soon as I can but likely Thurs/Fri. 


Please arrive at the match venue a minimum of 30 minutes before push back. Before every game we warm up together, hit some balls and have a pre-match briefing. 
Don’t forget shin pads and gum shields are mandatory at all times. No gumshield = no match. This is solely for the protection of your young person. 


After our matches we usually go for teas, both home and away. Our ‘home’ base for teas is at Badsey Sports and Social Club,
Ballards Park/Brewers Lane, Badsey, Evesham WR11 7EU. 
We’ll have some food and there’s a wide selection of drinks. This is an important part of hockey and we encourage Badgers and parents to join us for some post-match bonding. 

Our Club playing ethos

Badgers is a learning environment, helping our young people to learn how to play hockey – the skills that they need, tactics, match ‘nous’ and the rules. But there’s more to it than that – we’re helping them to experience winning and losing, to understand the importance of determination, resilience and communication and about how individual skill isn’t enough. Perhaps most importantly we hope they’ll recognise the importance of teamwork and supporting each other.   
As such we have some simple rules that we’d like everyone to follow – Badgers, coaches and parents:
  1. Do your best 
  2. Support each other
  3. Respect the officials and opposition 
  4. Win with dignity, lose with grace
  5. Enjoy the game!
We’re not responsible for how other teams play but we are responsible for ourselves.

Social media



We have a zero tolerance 


Parental responsibilities

Your attendance, support and encouragement for our teams is always welcome but please always stay positive – we’re super-keen on creating a supportive environment where our Badgers and teams can learn, free from outside pressure. Making mistakes is part of the learning process and is to be encouraged.
In particular please be careful offering advice to our players – last season we had a few occasions where management/coaches were saying one thing and parents on the sideline another! 


All fixtures and are managed in the club app, Spond. Where the time isn’t given, especially for away matches, we don’t know it yet. It’s usually Sat 1.30pm or 3pm.


Your Badgers safety, well-being and happiness remain our primary concern. If you have any concerns, requests or questions please contact either myself, any of our coaches or Andy Osborne our Welfare Officer.
You can read our Safeguarding and other policies here:  

That’s all! 

Finally if you or your Badgers have any concerns or questions please do let me know at any time. You can get me on WhatsApp, text, email, face-to-face – don’t mind which.

Please feel free to share this with your Badgers and I look forward very much to the season ahead.

Our Junior Teams

Cubs (5-8)

Our youngest players are Cubs who can join from age 5 or when they can hold a stick

Juniors (8-12)

Our Juniors are aged from 8 to 12 and move up to the Badgers when they’re ready

Badgers (11-16)

We have two equal ability mixed Badgers sides with young players aged from 11 to 16

Our Junior Coaches


Badgers and juniors


badgers and juniors



Useful information

Club App

Our fixtures and payments are now managed in our Club app called Spond. When you join you’ll get an invite and have the whole season in front of you!


Senior teams train on Tuesday from 19.30 to 21.00. On Sunday mornings Cubs and Juniors train 9am to 10am with Badgers 10.30am to 11.30am


The club has an active social calendar. We pre-COVID used to meet for teas together after every home match and other social events