Guide for Parents/Guardians

What Parents/Guardians can expect

Evesham and Badsey Hockey Club is committed to the development of our younger players and we work hard to create a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for all players, whatever their age or ability.

Badgers is a learning environment, helping our young people to learn how to play hockey – the skills that they need, tactics, match ‘nous’ and the rules. But there’s more to it than that – we’re helping them to experience winning and losing, to understand the importance of determination, resilience and communication and about how individual skill isn’t enough. 

Perhaps most importantly we hope they’ll recognise the importance of sportmanship, teamwork and supporting each other.   

Although we like to be competitive we don’t play all-out to win. We try to mould a team, give playing opportunities to as many young people as possible and give responsibility to some of our more experienced players. In particular our younger or weaker players are often given MORE playing time, not less so they can build their experience. .    
We’re not responsible for how other teams play but we are responsible for ourselves.

Positive, friendly, fun

All players

We ask all of our players, junior and senior, to play in the 'right' way - to be positive, friendly and to have fun. We want to encourage playing free of pressure and to create an environment in which our players can enjoy their hockey and do their best.

We do want to be competitive but not at all costs. We must always respect umpires, opponents and teammates and to enjoy a positive experience.

Club Code of Conduct - Junior players

On and off the field, I will: 

  • Always do my best for the benefit of the team. 
  • Encourage, support and be positive towards my teammates at all times.
  • Play fairly and within the rules and show good sportmanship.. 
  • Respect the Umpire and their decisons.
  • Never engage in abusive language, bullying or intimidating behaviour. 
  • Be friendly and respectful towards opponents, team mates and coaches. 
  • Win or lose with dignity. Congratulate the opposition at the end of the game, whatever the result. 
Off the field, I will:
  • Listen carefully to what my coach tells me 
  • Take responsibility for my personal safety by wearing a gum shield, shin pads and suitable footwear at all training sessions and matches
  • Turn up on time, prepared to play. 
  • Talk to someone | trust or the club welfare officer if I’m unhappy about anything at my club

England Hockey

Code of Ethics and Behaviour

England Hockey is responsible for setting the standards and values that apply at every level of hockey as outlined in the Code of Ethics and Behaviour booklet, also known as Respect. 

Club Code of Conduct - Parents/Guardians

I will: 

  • Enjoy the game and celebrate the effort and good play from both sides. 
  • Always, always be positive and encouraging. When players make mistakes, offer them encouragement, not criticism.
  • Respect the Umpire and their decisions and encourage players to do the same. 
  • Never engage in, or tolerate offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour.
  • Allow the coaches to coach and avoid touchline coaching.
Off the field I will:
  • Turn up on time to training and matches.
  • Collect your children from training or matches on time. 
  • Pay the training, match or membership fees on time.

Whilst we are delighted when parents take an active role in the club (if you do want to get involved, just speak to one of the organisers), there is no obligation on your part, other than to ensure your children get to and from training sessions and matches on time and safely.

We appreciate that there may be occasions when due to circumstances beyond your control you’re late but please just let us know as soon as possible. Contact details are on the Contact Us page.

If you’re happy for your child(ren) to make their own way to and from training sessions and/or matches please let us know in advance. 

Club Welfare and Safeguarding

Welfare and Safeguarding Officers

Our Junior players safety, well-being and happiness remain our primary concern. 
If any of our Juniors players or their Parents/Guardians have any welfare or safeguarding concerns or questions they can contact one of our Club’s Welfare Officers, in confidence, at any time:

Club Code of Conduct - Coaches and Club volunteers

What parents can expect of us: 

  • To place the well-being, safety and enjoyment of each player above everything. 
  • Create a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for all players.
  • Coaches to have recognised coaching qualifications and all coaches/adult volunteers to be DBS checked. 
  • Trained first aiders at every session.
  • We communicate effectively with Parents/Guardians (we use WhatsApp for all our our playing groups).

On and off the field, I will: 

  • Take all reasonable measures to protect our own and the safety of others.
  • Focus on the positive – create a positive environment, always provide positive feedback.
  • Encourage fair play and high standards of behaviour. 
  • Always respect the Umpire, opponents and teammates and encourage players to do the same. 
  • Be gracious in victory and defeat. 

When working with players, I will:

  • Ensure all activities are suited for the players’ ability and age. 
  • Never engage in, or tolerate offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour. 
  • Follow England Hockey safeguarding practices .